How to Adopt a Good Gestational Diabetes Diet


Generally, diabetic people have bodies that are unable to metabolize sugars as effectively as they are expected to due to lack of insulin or too much sugar to be metabolized by the available insulin. The case becomes more complex when dealing with a pregnant diabetic. Without adopting the right gestational diabetes diet, the pregnant woman might develop complications during birth since the baby will be overgrown among other side effects.

If your diabetes was caused as a result of the pregnancy, it is advisable that you follow the pregnancy diabetes diet from your doctor. Ensure that you eat at specific intervals of about two to three hours. Within these intervals, you should make sure you eat the correct small amounts of foods, reach in high quality carbohydrates and lean proteins. These meal intervals will enable your body to prevent the glucose levels form spiking either upwards or downwards.

To keep a realistic diabetic diet when pregnant , you are supposed to keep a food diary of the kind of foods you eat at every meal time. It is recommended that every time you realize certain foods spike your glucose levels, you should report the abnormally to your dietitian for an expert input. You can opt to buying a diet cookbook to guide you in choosing the right recipes for your condition. If you have to eat starches, you should use whole-grains and more veggies. Nutritionally deficient foods such as cookies and sugary foods should be avoided at all times.

Research shows that some exercises are crucial in controlling your gestational diabetes sugar levels. Although it is necessary that you engage in light exercises, you should also be extremely careful to avoid lowering your sugar levels.